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Sunday, September 13, 2009

for your viewing pleasure

Emma was a newborn, and I was downstairs nursing her or something like that. My "big" kids were upstairs. Things got really quiet which only happened when the kiddos were sleeping. I went upstairs and realized the "big" kids were doing something mischievous in the bathroom, so I quickly went out to the man cave and told Kelvin to grab the video camera and catch whatever it was they were doing on film. Here is what we found...

So glad we have this precious memory recorded. I love hearing their precious toddler voices. I try to remind myself every day how little they are. I'm trying to soak in the sweetness of the everyday from each of our gifts from God. Some days are harder than others, but I keep trying.


  1. That is to precious!!! Brought tears to my eyes and they aren't even my kiddos. They do grow up so fast!! Even my Emily is growing TO fast and she is only 5 weeks. Sometimes I just want to freeze them!!!

  2. Oh, goodness, how funny is that?? I laughed so much, I had tears streaming down. Gotta love it when those markers just jump out and "accidentally" color all over you :) Thanks for sharing that...priceless!

  3. Andy and I may have just watched this once or twelve times. It is precious. Their sweet southern voices, their actions, their worried regret and their laughter, all precious!
    And yes, I do "do you ever" -- every day.

  4. That was HILARIOUS!!! I love that Carleigh just threw Luke under the bus and for the longest time he was totally okay with that. He looked quite pleased with himself and even continued to draw on himself while dad watched. Too freakin' funny!


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