Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ultrasound & Saturday stuff

The kids went to our check-up for the baby yesterday. They thought it was pretty neat to see the baby on the screen. We saw her kicking around and even yawn! Such a little miracle! Our midwife let Carleigh find the heartbeat with the doppler wand. She got a big thrill out of that! It seemed that even Emma was interested in what was going on in that new place. Our midwife said the measurements from the ultrasound looked perfect and was impressed at how little weight I had gained! (hee-hee) Of course, I'm feeling like my belly is growing at mach speed recently.

We had a great Saturday of cleaning and cooking. Our small group came over for an early Thanksgiving dinner...YUMMY! I think my favorite meal is turkey and dressing with all the sides. Chef Kel put it on the top shelf with his incredible turkey cooking skills. It was the best ever! I must say my dressing, his Nanny D's recipe, was pretty darn good too. As always, I ate too much and my stomach feels like it is about to pop! Here's a picture of the post dinner nap...

Emma's had a pretty good day. She made several steps today, and Kelvin was successful in getting some sweet giggles after blowing on her belly.

The weather is downright cold tonight, and I'm wanting to light the fireplace and drink hot chocolate or tea...or put on my pjs and go to bed early. It's only 8 o'clock, but the bed sure sounds inviting! What a party girl I've become!

Weekend blessings to you!


  1. Hello friend, have not stopped by in a few days, been busy here with the holidays approaching fast and family arriving. I love that photo, so dear! Abigail has that same outfit how funny!. I love that you got to see your little one yawn! Did you get photos yet? When you do will you share on your blog? Glad that your feeling good! I agree about the weather, hot cocoa and a fire! Oh and bed calls me at 8pm too!


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