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Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Ugh! It's Monday. I woke up this morning at 4 o' clock to Emma's little bear grunting with a headache...hate it when that happens. Anyway, it's time for Not Me!, so I'll rack my pregnant brain to try and recall everything that didn't happen this week...

I didn't hear my son make up the cutest song about wanting a "baby boy brother" but loved all of his sisters anyway. He didn't come to me after his song was over and ask when he would get a baby brother, and I didn't tell him "never, you're the one and only boy!" He is just too cute sometimes! I didn't think about making the appointment for Kelvin at that very moment.

Carleigh did not make a mean face at me and growl the other day. She is much too sweet to do something like that when she doesn't hear what she wants to hear or doesn't get her way. She is only six, and six year old little girls don't do that kind of thing, right? What in the tarnation (is that how the word is spelled?) will she not do when she is in junior high!?

Emma didn't walk around the den and kitchen (kinda) all week long! She hasn't been strong enough for that lately, so it must have been some other cutie pie little darling!

I am not already in "nesting" mode around the house trying to get everything cleaned out and organized. I'm only 21 weeks along. That's not over half way there!

I was not almost totally out of breath the other day, (and the day after that and every other time I climb the stairs) when I was trying to carry on a conversation with my friend on the phone! I'm not that out of shape for crying out loud!

When our good friend who happens to cut and style hair for a living came by very generously after work the other night to cut Luke's hair, our conversation did not sound anything like...

Me: Luke do you like your hair cut?

Luke: NO!

Me: Why not?

Luke: Because!

Me: Because why?

Luke: Because all my hair is gone!

If that would have happened I would have been totally embarrassed!

Luke did not come to me later asking if he looked like the same boy and if his hair would grow back. He was not completely consumed with is hair for the next several days...he's a boy for goodness sake!

Kelvin did not blame Emma twice this week when he was the one stinking up the room! He wouldn't blame such a sweet little doll for something so foul!

We didn't get a call from the genetic counselor with the most wonderful news about baby Cora being totally fine and all her tests coming back normal! That didn't make my day, week, weekend, month! (Oh, yes we did! Thank you Jesus!)
OK, it's your turn. I hope you'll join in the fun. Follow the link for instructions, and if you don't have a blog, at least comment so we can see what you didn't do! Have fun! Check out the blog that has the rules (click on the picture in my sidebar) and original Not Me! Monday post. (Click on the highlighted words.)
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