Sunday, November 2, 2008

Not Me! Monday & one down, one to go

Here's my second attempt at Not Me! Monday. I will learn to start writing stuff down during the week so that my feeble pregnant brain will remember all the crazy things that happened to me. Here's what I remember...

When my friends came by Thursday to clean my house (holy cow, what a blessing they are) it wasn't me who wouldn't let them but instead made them sit down on the couch and listen to me rant about how my children were driving me crazy! I wouldn't pass up the opportunity at a clean house, so that could not have been me.

I did not want to pinch my sweet son's head off this week for drawing on his door, stamping his walls, cracking confetti eggs all over his floor and dumping a perfectly good basket of clean, folded clothes on the floor. My sweet little boy who thanks Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins (seriously he prays this at bedtime) couldn't participate in such behavior, so nope, it wasn't me wanting to do some pinching!

You did not hear me yelling at my kids this weekend while my mighty deer slaying husband was out trying to fill our freezer. My children get along perfectly and never tattle or say ugly things to each other, so I would never have any reason to tell them to stop talking or looking at one another. If you would have been at our house this morning before church, you would not have heard me telling our eldest that she is not the mother, or the grown up, and may not boss her brother around. You would not have heard me explaining to her that if her attitude didn't change dramatically I would pull her little bottom out of school and teach her myself. I didn't say those things...nope, not me!

My hormones are completely normal, so there would absolutely be no reason for me to cry at the drop of a hat. So, you didn't see me doing that while taking the kids to school, reading a blog, getting Emma's medicine ready or any other time this week. It couldn't have been me. Nor would you see me eating a hamburger from the local greasy spoon. I really care about what I put into my not expanding body, so it wasn't me. At small group tonight, I did not eat the most delicious homemade lasagna and chocolate cake in the world. After eating pizza for lunch, I wouldn't have had room for such a big dinner, so it wasn't me!

Ok, it's your turn. I hope you'll join in the fun. Follow the link for instructions, and if you don't have a blog or don't want to play along, at least comment so we can see what you didn't do! Have fun! Check out the blog that has the rules (click on the picture in my sidebar) and original Not Me! Monday post. (Click on the highlighted words.)
Here's some good news for your Monday! Our genetic counselor called today and said all the chromosome tests came back Downs Syndrome! That's one good report down, and one to go. She said they would send off the cultured cells from the amnio mid week, and hopefully we'll hear wonderful news later in the week next week about the genetic test results for Batten Disease. Thanks for the prayers. Please keep them coming.


  1. You are so funny. I'm taking a Not Me! Monday break. (No, I did not use my sick kids as a excuse. Not me!) My son and your son sound way too much alike. (But my son would never write on walls. Not Him!) LOL

  2. ok, I do not have a blog but I thought I would add some of mine and join in on the fun.

    It was not me who hit the snooze button way too much this morning. I would never do something like that.

    I also was not the one who let one of my babies at school (I am a teachers aide for children with severe and pround needs) play and expolre different kinds of food today including colored vanilla pudding and had to wash her hair because she really enjoyed it. I do not love this child like crazy. I would never be crazy and love my babies at school like that.

    I did not just make chicken and dumplins for the first time today for dinner.(they were awesome if I do say so myself)

    could go on and on I am sure. But I do not have class tonight that I am just cannot wait to go to. So bye for now.


  3. I was sent your blog by Bill Baker and I have been enjoying reading when I get a chance!! What a great blog you have!! It reminds me to update mine more.....if I can find the time!!

  4. I am over from MckMama's blog...your Not Me's are hilarious! I am moved by your story...I will be praying for Emma and the rest of your growing family! God is good! :)


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