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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Some of my summertime favs

Well hello there! Betcha didn't think you'd hear from me again so soon, did ya? Surprise! I'm just trying to keep you on your toes. I thought I'd share a few of my summertime favs with you today.

First up are these amazing Pulled Chicken Sandwiches with Cucumber-Apple Slaw! They are soooo good, y'all! Kelvin said when you take a bite, "it's like an explosion of flavors in your mouth!" And you canNOT leave out the slaw. It is just the little bit of sweet the sandwich needs. Serve it with some cantaloupe or watermelon slices and potato chips, and you have yourself a delicious dinner in no time. I'm not sure if the recipe or video says to or not, but I took the seeds out of my cucumbers. Use your nifty Pampered Chef corer thingy you bought at that party you went to a while back. It'll make you feel all fancy like.
Photo credit: Everyday Food by Martha Stewart
(Click on the link above for the recipe and video tutorial)

Next up, Watermelon Frescas. Carleigh found the recipe on YouTube from What'sUpMoms. They are such a light and summery treat! Go get you a watermelon and some strawberries. You'll need some mint if you like it, and a little agave or honey. Here's the sweet little video of the mama and her cutie patootie little boy helping in the kitchen.

- 2 cups cut watermelon (without seeds)
- 1 cup strawberries (hulled and halved)
- 1 cup water
- juice of 1 lime
- 1 tablespoon agave
- mint for garnishing

1) Put ingredients in blender, starting with water. Puree ingredients.
2) If not using a high-powered blender or for a very smooth drink, put your mixture through a fine mesh sieve.
3) Dip your glass in water, followed by sugar for a cool rim. Garnish with mint and a straw. Say "cheers!"

I didn't dip the glasses in sugar and we were totally fine. I did add a little sump'm sump'm to mine, and it was divine! Took me right to the tropical island I've been dreaming about. Malibu Rum is a nice option, but regular rum or vodka works nicely too! You're welcome. 

Can't go any further without acknowledging my affection for La Croix flavored water. I might have already shared about this on the blog before, but it is worthy of mentioning again.

It's not soda. So, don't think it's soda when you take a drink or you will be SO disappointed. There is just a hint of fruity flavor and carbonation. But it's not soda. I like it so much. I haven't tasted a flavor yet I didn't like. If you're one of the lucky ones to have an HEB close by, they have a store brand that is comparable for a LOT cheaper. Make your mouth happy and go get you some!

More summertime favs include, but are not limited to cucumbers, flowers from the Dollar Store, sunless tanning lotion and limes (always).

I'm really loving podcasts a lot lately too. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey is my all time favorite, but I really like Mom Struggling Well, Lighten Up with Melanie Dale, and the Popcast too.

Instagram is my social media fav! Click on the link on the sidebar to find me there. 

I'm diggin' my new 7-minute workout app. Don't judge. It's better than nothing, and it's the start of something good. This mama is more than a little overweight...about 25 pounds to be exact. I gotta do something about this root beer belly!

Other favs include my friends. I couldn't live without them. I have so many precious ones who love me so well. I am thankful. 

Also on the top of the list is saying, "YES!" It's my favorite to say yes to my kiddos this summer. The little things are really the big things. 

How about you? What are some of your summertime favs?

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