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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

More of my favorite things

What do you do to recharge or chill out when things are a bit crazy? I have found I have to dig in the dirt or write. Today I'm doing both. I mentioned we sold our house and are supposed to close next month, which is great, but we also needed to find a house. We have managed to find a house that seems to be a good fit for us, and now we're working on the purchase. There are so many hoops! My brain is just kinda tired! There's also the regular summer stuff, packing boxes, more packing boxes, paperwork and more paperwork, blah, blah, blah. So, today I was picking up some free boxes at the grocery store (one of my favorite things), and picked up some herbs too. I know I'm packing and moving and all, but I still cook, and I use herbs when I cook. AND, I noticed that my mint plant disappeared. I think the yellow lab in my backyard, aka Remi, had something to do with it, so it needed to be replaced. Mint is important for things like the fresca drinks I posted about and tea and stuff. So, I bought some mint and cilantro, because I needed to, and one can never have enough cilantro. So, there's that.

Other things I'm loving include but aren't limited to...

  • Free boxes-important in my life right now because of the whole moving thing and all.
  • Herbs-they just make me happy, and I feel so chefy when I use them when I cook.

  •  Dresses with pockets-they just make life easier.

This is our Easter matchy-matchy this year, and my eyes are closed, but this is one of my favorite dresses with pockets! Marshall's for the win!
  • July 4th! I love the 4th of July! We are usually at the beach for the week of the 4th with some of our dear friends, but this year they are going to Yellowstone or somewhere in their new camper, and we are buying a house, so we are taking the year off. I'm having withdrawals, but it's gonna be ok. We received an invitation to go to some other friends' home and visit and eat BBQ for the 4th, so I'm thrilled! So even though I'm packing boxes like a mad woman, I had to decorate a little corner for the 4th for some normalcy. I figure I can pack that box after the 4th. 

I'm gonna miss my window seal. I decorate for the seasons and holidays in this spot. I'm sure I'll find another spot in the new house, but I've really learned to love this spot. We took out the breakfast table in this area and put in a pretty blue love seat a friend gave me and a little orangy side table. There's a lot more space in this spot now, and I love sitting and sipping coffee and flipping through magazines, or visit with the kids or any other manner of things. So all of that to say, this is the spot all of the 4th decor is. 
  • More podcasts- The Big Boo Cast with Sophie Hudson and Melanie Shankle. They are so funny! Their podcast is light and witty and about nothing in particular. Podcasts are what I love to listen to when I'm by myself in the car, but I'm finding I love to listen while I'm packing boxes too! 
  • Watching America Ninja Warrior with my family. We really get into it, cheering and yelling and the whole bit. We watched last night. It was SO good. There was a man on last night who reminded me of my father-in-law. He was the oldest contestant on the show so far. He had so much spunk and such a good attitude. He seemed like such a fun much like Marvin! Today is his and my sister-in-law's birthday. I tried sending a voice text to my mother-in-law and couldn't even finish it. From out of nowhere my lip started quivering and the tears started flowing. The sting of death is never far away. Looking so forward to the day when there are no more tears, no more sadness, no more pain. 
  • Well, I had other things, but I didn't write them down, so they have escaped me. Maybe they'll come back later and I can post them in my next favorite things post.
Hope your summer is going splendidly! Back to packing for now and other related exciting things!

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