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Saturday, March 19, 2016

A few of my favorite things

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens" (not really. I hate cats. Please don't hate me.)

So, I have a few favorite things nowadays, and I thought I would share before I forget. 

First up, Burts Bees Lipstick. I have always loved Burt's Bees. Their products are all natural. My naturopath friend told me she went to a presentation with the company, and they told the attendees that though they wouldn't taste great, one could eat the Burt's Bees products safely. I love the way they smell and feel. I've used all of their lip products and really like them. But now, they have lipstick! I love it! The colors are gorgeous! The one I picked goes so well with my skin tone. It feels so yummy on my lips, and smells and tastes great! I wish I was getting compensated for my opinion, but I'm not. I just really love it and think you will too. 

Second thing, podcasts. I love podcasts. My very favorite is the Jamie Ivey "Happy Hour." She's so dang cute and delightful. I enjoy her guests so much and have learned a ton from all of the different and varied topics. You need to check out "The Happy Hour."

Thirdly, LaCroix Sparkling Water. They are so refreshing. They are not soda. They are just a little fiz added to water with a hint of fruity flavah. They are a little bit of happy added to my day. Try them, but don't think they will taste like soda. They don't. 

Fourth, Instagram. Follow me over there to keep up with the day to day with me and my people. I love scrolling through the photos and being inspired. 

Fifth thing, digging in the dirt. I got to spend some time digging in the dirt this week. I miss it. This week was spring break, and I have really enjoyed being home. Working full time has put a real big dent in the things I like to do. I haven't quite figured out how to make the time to fit in those things. I planted some new herbs and a bee-you-tiful pot full of flowers. Oh, and some strawberries! One of the berry plants has the cutest, eensy little berry on it! So precious! 

Well, it's late. That's all that's coming to me right now. I recently heard about something called Hello Fresh and Blue Apron meal delivery services. Can't wait to check them out. Making out a menu and grocery list has become increasingly more difficult. It might be a very good thing to look into one of these services. That and someone to do the laundry. I think it multiplies when I take it out of the dryer and put it on the dining table to fold! Have mercy!

Here are some pics from spring break week. Carleigh left right after school on Friday to go skiing in Colorado with a friend. Luke went to Brownsville on Monday with the youth group at our church to do mission work. Cora and I hung out around the house. On Saturday, we went to Top Golf. That's another one of my favorite things! It is soooo much fun! I've never played golf in my life, unless you consider Putt-Putt serious golf. I had a ball! (hee hee) Can't wait to go back! Sunday, Kelvin grilled some of the most amazing shrimp and oysters! They were delicious! During the week Cora and I went to the movie, had friends over and sat around the fire pit, had one of Cora's friends over and played and played, went to the park, spent the night with a friend, ate some yummy food, and went to Kemah and rode a few rides. Today Luke came home. Tomorrow Carleigh comes home. I'm glad they had such neat opportunities over the break, but it'll be good when my crew is back together again. Tomorrow we are eating crawfish! I'm a happy girl. Sunday we are headed to the rodeo. I won a couple of tickets from our orthodontist. I think it will be the perfect ending to spring break!

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