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Sunday, February 10, 2013

this and that

I am such a terrible blogger! Thank you for grace. I have so many things I want to write about and get excited throughout the day thinking about sitting down to my blog and writing a post. Then life happens, and I get busy doing laundry, or washing the dishes, or taxi-ing my kiddos to and fro, and the day is gone, and I am worn smooth out. Maybe I'll learn how to just sit down and pen something short and sweet a few times a week. Well anyway, I appreciate this space...this part of the blogosphere where I can share my life, my family, my thoughts and dreams, my worries, my projects and my meals with you. I wish we could sit by the fire pit with a marshmallow and cup of coffee or glass of wine. Maybe some day we will! For now, I enjoy hearing from some of you every now and then as you take the time to drop a line or leave a comment.

Today we celebrated Luke's 9th birthday with some of our extended family. I cannot believe he is nine. He's so darn cute! We are blessed. I think he really liked his cake and cookies. I know he liked the chocolate frogs. He ate so many his stomach hurts, poor baby! I hope he felt special. I remember how my mom always made birthdays so special. I want that for my kids too. I feel like the past, well, five or so years, have been a blur. I hardly remember Cora being a baby. She will turn four at the end of March. Baffling! Anyway, I feel like I'm starting to see the end of the heavy fog through which I've been wandering. I hope I can focus more on the kids. They are growing so fast. I wish I could pull the brakes on this train and slow it down. There's so much we have to teach them, so many experiences we want them to know. I pray God will guide.

 I'm looking forward to week three of Hello Mornings! I'm doing the Abounding Hope study...a study of Job. It's so good. I'm also looking forward the Lent season starting Wednesday. What are your traditions? I hope to find something to use to share this season with the kids. I think it's so important. Well, off to bed for me. Hopefully I'll get that post written about my sweet Grandmama this week and share it with you. I have so much to say! :)
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