Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Christy

(author warning- kelvin)

Do you have a favorite magazine? Do you subscribe to it, look forward to getting it in the mail, and get a little sad when you've read the last page? Christy likes Coastal Living and Southern Living. For me, it is Newsweek (I like to read what the "other side" has to say!). Do the lives of people in your magazines seem perfect? Is every child smiling? Is every room decorated to the hilt? Are the waves the perfect blue with white caps that appear to be painted on with a brush? Do the pictures of every plate of food contain 5 colors from 4 food groups? And how about the articles??? Obviously if you write a magazine article you must be a leader in your field and you must know everything, right? Even the authors who share their short-comings do so for our benefit as they share with us how they cured their mortal temptations or traveled the globe on a dime. Never do we see citations in magazine articles, so these folks are obviously field-experts.

Living with Christy and watching her manage our home and tend to our children is sometimes like living in a magazine- the pictures are always perfect and the articles are inspiring. Each meal does have 5 colors from 4 food groups (last night was grilled rib eye steaks smothered in homemade crawfish etouffe, steamed mixed vegetables, Mediterranean salad with homemade dressing, French bread, peach tea, and chocolate dipped strawberries along side some to-die-for chocolate cheesecake desserts...and I must mention it was all set on the back porch with candles on the table and overhead which accented the beautiful table setting- with an occassional smell of burning oak coming from the firepit). Her children always leave for the school bus with a full "love tank" and nutritous lunches that the teachers take note of. Christy always answers the phone at the editor's desk with an energy that lifts the spirits of the lucky caller. To write an expose' highlighting her volunteer hours with Emma's Hugs and Blue Bird Circle Clinic after taking wonderful care of her church, husband and children would convince readers she wears a big "S" on her chest. She could write an editorial piece about the challenges of reviving a defunked HOA and the fun times that involves (sarcasm intended)...and explain her desire for her children to grow up in a better neighborhood. Yes, in "Dunnam Living" each picture is perfectly framed and the articles are always uplifting.

H-o-w-e-v-e-r, you should see the work she puts into each edition. The pressroom is hot and loud. Her arms and hands stay covered in ink. For each "perfect" picture or life-story that we see she has trashed 20 others. The 5 AM Edition is never finished before 3 AM. Her fingers bleed. She tries to work quietly so as to not bother anyone else. It is only the extreme demands of life that give her any rest from mourning her little angel in heaven. Tears wash away the salty sweat from her eyes. If there is anyone who doubts the glossy pages of her "Life Magazine" it is her. But, only her. For those of us who read her life-works on a daily basis, we are lifted by her energy; we fill loved; we can work harder; we are inspired to climb higher; we see more in life than we did before; she adds salt to our lives.

You are an awesome example to our children and especially me. You are admired from several continents (literally) and even by those you have never met, but most importantly within our home. Your children love to draw your picture. Your work is dirty, but the product is perfect. You are a Mom.

As always, I will also remind the blog followers that you are an absolute hottie and I will continue to chase you as hard as I did when you were 18! (sorry folks...just can't help myself...that girls drives me crazy...can't think straight when she walks in the room!)

Happy Mother's Day!



  1. Molly Lamonte NolenMay 8, 2011 at 10:09 PM

    Kelvin, Your description of Christy is so lovingly written obviously from the depth of your heart. I have read this blog for several years now and have been moved beyond tears and blessed beyond words. I pray for your family daily and want to tell you how much you have greatly influenced my life. I truly pray Christy enjoyed a lovely Mother's Day today. Molly Lamonte Nolen

  2. So sweet!!! I love how much you guys love each other and aren't afraid to tell everyone!!!

  3. I LOVE my husband. He knows just the right things to say and do at just the right time. I'm so blessed and honored he still loves me even though he sees the chaos of the newsroom at the last minute before printing. I'm also blessed and honored to have so many friends who contribute to my "Life" magazine...and stores where I can buy the yummy chocolate dream desserts to which Kelvin referred.

  4. This is VERY sweet. Y'all are cute! Hope you had a great weekend, Christy.

  5. I love you both so. Kelvin, it is good to see you writing again.

  6. Wow! Quite an ode there Christy! And thank you for sharing this moving moment with us Kelvin!


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