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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, there was a sweet mommy who had two sweet little girls, and was left to raise them on her own. The oldest little girl, Christy, was in first grade, and the youngest little girl, Cindy, was a toddler. The mommy did the very best she could as a single mommy, but she was very lonely, despite the company of her precious little ones, and prayed, begging God to bring her a Godly husband. After many months of praying in desperation, one of the mommy's friends from work told her he had a friend she might like to meet. So, one day, the man's friend knocked on the mommy's door. She was very nervous, but opened the door, and to her delight, her knight in shining armor was on the other side! It was love at first sight, and after a few weeks of courting her, the knight in shining armor asked for her hand in marriage. The sweet little girls were thrilled! They really liked this man, and were excited to think they would have a new daddy. So, the couple made plans to get married, and joined their families together just a few short weeks later! The little girls were a little bit confused and sad to know their last name did not change when their mommy's did, but they pretended it did anyway. After a couple of years, the mommy and daddy asked the little girls what they thought about the daddy giving his last name to them. They were delighted and could not wait! So, the mommy and daddy, the little girls and their new little brother went to the court house. They stood before the judge and the little girls, Christy and Cindy, said, "Yes sir," when asked if they would like to take the name of their new daddy. The judge explained that the big word for what was happening was "adoption." The little girls and the rest of the family were very happy. God had made them all a great big family! They all wore blue shirts with a picture of their house on the front with the words, "God made us a family," and on the back was the first AND last name of each family member. It was all very sweet, and it took place on April 5, 1982. Every April 5 thereafter has officially been known as Langston Day for the mommy, daddy, little girls and little boy.

What a blessing for my mom to have found her knight in shining armor and a wonderful daddy for her little girls all wrapped in one great package! I am forever thankful! Happy Langston Day (a day late)!
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