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Monday, April 4, 2011

Living a Life of Thanks

Giving many thanks for...

#23 "His peace guards my heart and mind." Phillipians 4:7 And again, His Word is just what I needed and showed up at the perfect time.
#24 Bountiful blessings at church yesterday. Our Carleigh and Luke were baptized. Many friends and family stood in their honor. I was so proud I almost burst!
#25 a man, my man, who has stood by my side during a rough week.
#26 friends with encouraging words and uplifting texts.
#27 a 2 year old who sings, "Happy Birthday" to herself.
#28 daylight into the evening
#29 promise of a risen Savior.

Joining Ann and others in giving thanks today.
Won't you join us too?


  1. I do so like your list this week! What blessings of baptisms to start off the week. May this week be so much better than last week and time of laughter.

  2. I was so excited for you guys seeing Luke and Carleigh getting baptized yesterday morning!

    Just a fellow church goer of yours...I have been following your blog for about a year and a half now. I pray for your families continued peace and strength. Have a blessed week!!

    ~Jaime Richards Grigsby

  3. I’m here from Ann’s - Tuesday but still reading lists.

    And your pictures – oh – your pictures – I just kept scrolling up and down – awesome – really – amazing. And from yours my favorite this week is #29 promise of a risen Savior. (amen – because without that we have nothing – if the tomb isn’t empty we are believing a fable – but it is the best documented event in ancient history – Our Lord really lived – really died – and really did not stay dead – it’s amazing – and too good to be true – but it is) {smile}

    God bless you and keep you – and all of yours.

  4. Two special friends of mine were baptized last week, and I just know that feeling that goes through you. Can't even explain it!!! As a mother, you must have been so . . . can't explain that, either!!! But I know I'm smiling with joy here for you and for them. Thank you for your list today. It was such a blessing to have been here!


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