Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We miss you Lori

Lori, or Aunt Lori as the big kids call her (even though they never got to meet her), is Kelvin's sister, my sister-in-law. Today marked 10 years since she was taken from us. Sadly, she was murdered by her ex-husband. Today Kelvin and his mom and I had lunch with the DA who prosecuted the good-for-nothing s@b who killed her. The stories he could tell! I am just glad he has one to tell about putting our loved one's killer behind bars. I wish he could've gotten more than just prison for him, but our country's wonderful relationship with Mexico through the NAFTA agreement put a stop to that.

Since this is my blog, I think I'll take the liberty to preach a little bit. If you know someone whom you think may be in an abusive situation, don't sit by and do nothing. It may be hard, but step up to the plate and do something. If you ever hear of someone receiving adjudicated sentencing, speak out against it. Lori's killer was supposed to have started serving jail time the weekend after he killed her. Instead he killed her, dumped her body, and fled to Mexico to live the good life! There is something wrong, way wrong, with that!

Lori was a beautiful young lady. She loved her family and friends, and always begged Kelvin and me to make her an aunt. I wish so badly our kiddos could have known their Aunt Lori. She would have made such a great aunt, and she would have been totally thrilled to have been an aunt so many times over! She would have been so proud of her kids. They have grown to be such beautiful young people. I wish we had more memories with her...more hiking trips, camp outs, vacations together, water skiing, and the like. I wish I could go take her water aerobics class at thr Y again or visit one of the stores for which she was a vendor. We can only hold tight to the memories we do have, and dream of a day we will meet again.

Though small of frame
And so light on her feet
She left deep prints in the hearts
Of all she would ever meet.

Lori Leigh Dunnam
6-28-75 - 11-10-99

by Uncle Gene


  1. How sad! I'm so sorry for your family's loss! Hearing these types of stories makes me SO ANGRY! I just don't understand how someone could do something like this! Prayers and Hugs for your family!!!

  2. I still often feel like she could walk into the room at any minute. I miss her...
    My favorite picture of her is at a wedding dress store (She was helping me shop for a dress.) The picture is of her sitting in a chair with her kids in her lap. It is a side view and she didn't know the picture was being taken. They all seemed to be holding on to each other so tight.

  3. Christy,
    I have had two different occasions recently where I have talked to moms who were trying to get their daughters out of abusive relationships. I told them both Lori's story. I know she is greatly missed by all of you.

  4. I dream of her often, and in some of them we are kids again and she has come to stay with us or I'm off to Porter for a week of helping her drive Kelvin insane. In all of them she is smiling. It's the way I like to remember her best.


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