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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Always thinking

The other day while on our way home from preschool, my little thinker boy asked me a few questions. He wanted to know if he is always growing. I said he was growing every day into a big boy. He then asked if babies grow fast. I said that yes indeed, babies grow very quickly. He wanted to know if he grew fast as a baby. I said oh yes, very fast indeed...too fast! He then wanted to know why Emma wasn't growing into a big girl. I should have seen it coming, but I didn't. All I could say was that sometimes people's bodies don't grow the way they are supposed to. He was fine with that.

This morning he told me that if he ever sees the "wishing star" he will wish for one of his toys to come alive. He said he would choose Buzz Lightyear, so he could be his brother. That way he would always have someone to play with. I reminded him that he has lots of friends. He said it wasn't the same, they aren't here all the time! He said, "I really want a brother." Wish I could help ya, buddy, but it's not looking good. There's a girl in this belly of mine. I bet she'll be more than willing to play ball and other boy stuff with you, though.

I know I said I would post some pictures of Carleigh singing, but I haven't found the energy or the cord to my camera, so hopefully in the next day or two you'll see some pics of my little singing sweetie.
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