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Friday, August 15, 2014

Award-winning husband

Kelvin has been with the same company for more than 24 years. Lubrizol has been a good company for him. They have provided a platform through which his gifts and talents can shine. I was bursting at the seams with pride when one of his former supervisors called and asked me to help him gather some letters of recommendation for the Lubrizol Founders Award, for which he wanted to nominate Kelvin for his outstanding community service with Emma's Hugs. 

Established in 2001, the Lubrizol Founders Award is the highest recognition that Lubrizol offers to its employees. The award celebrates the rich tradition of excellence and accomplishment in the workplace and the marketplace established by Lubrizol's founders. Recipients of The Founders Award consistently ensure that internal and external customers receive an exceptional level of service. The Founders Award also recognizes those employees who, like the founders, dedicate their time and effort in service to the community. The Founders Award honors our hidden heroes—those men and women who contribute to the pursuit of our vision by going far beyond what is expected and giving their best efforts every day.

the photo on the company website announcing Kelvin as one of the winners 

What a blessing to know others see Kelvin in the same light I do and want to honor him for his hard work and determination, as well as his big heart!

The company does things up right for the employees (and their guest) who win this prestigious award. The festivities are based out of the headquarters in Ohio, which began Wednesday evening. A limo delivered us to The Ritz Carlton, in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, where we have stayed in one of the penthouse suites! Eeeek! So cool! So far, I haven't tripped and fallen or anything crazy like that! Wednesday evening we had cocktails at the Ritz and dinner at a place called Johnny's in downtown Cleveland.

Riding to the Ritz in style!

A room with a view! 

Veal on the bone at Johnny's

Let me just say, Cleveland has done a super great job of revitalizing their downtown district. It is beautiful! I was thoroughly surprised and impressed! Thursday, there was a reception at two of the company's locations in the area, and man, was that an incredible experience. When the award recipients and their guests walked in the doors, the second floor foyers were packed with every single employee, from the CEO to the head custodian, and everyone was clapping and cheering. The applause lasted for a solid five minutes. It was something very special.

I'm so glad I got to be a part of something so cool. The rest of the day was spent around Cleveland visiting the different venues the founders founded and continue to support through their foundations today, including the Botanical Gardens and Severance Hall. We also had a photo op at Pier W. The view was amazing! Last night was the big dinner and award presentation at the Ritz. The company did not disappoint! Again, the award winners and their guests walked in the gala hall to roaring applause. Each recipient was asked to come to the stage where he was presented with a beautiful award and just as beautiful accolades. The rest of the evening was spent meeting some of the most gracious people on the planet. We have been treated like royalty so far, and the weekend is just beginning! This morning, we are headed to Niagra on the Lake in Canada!! I can't even tell you how excited I am. We will stay at the Prince of Wales Hotel, do the Maid of the Mist boat tour at Niagra Falls, go on a jet boat ride, take a helicopter ride, take a winery and brewery bicycle tour, go for a couples massage, get a pedicure, and more! It's good to be the guest!!

More to come...

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