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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On the Table Tuesday

Hey there! Hope your week is off to a fabuloso start! Yesterday was quite busy around our house. We had a doctor's appointment (poor Luke has broken out with a rash all over his body), an unexpected trip to the junior high for an outfit change, some logo planning work for Emma's Bayou Bash (coming March 1), and Luke sang at the school board meeting. Whew! In between, I made the crockpot chicken and dumplings (pronounced dumplins with no "g") I meant to make Sunday but didn't. The house smelled SO good yesterday. The dumplings looked ggggreat when we left and I turned the crockpot to warm. Note to self, crockpot dumplings don't last in the crockpot for a very long time (I made the homemade dumplings, so maybe that is the difference??) We decided to go to Carinos for dinner after Luke sang, and when we got home, there were no dumplings. They vanished! It was CRAZY! I had a bowl of the chicken and no-dumplings for lunch today, and they were good...tasted like dumplings, there just wasn't anything to chew except for the chicken and veggies. Anyway, now I know, and aren't you glad you do too? I'll be adding some chicken stock and more dumplings to the pot this evening so we can have it for dinner.

So, down to business. The menu for the week is...

Carinos, as in Johnny Carinos Italian Restaurant. Did you know they have 1/2 off family platters on Monday nights? The platter comes with 4 salads or soup and of course, bread. Pretty good deal! We had the grilled chicken and veggies with angel hair pasta. It was good!

Chicken and dumplings yummy!

Sausage with potatoes and carrots. It doesn't get any easier than this, folks! The recipe doesn't call for carrots, but it sounds good, so I'm adding them.

Hotdogs for Halloween! (The healthier hotdogs that don't have all the nitrites and nitrates and other yucky Applegate Farms or the new healthy Kroger brand.) Carleigh has dance on Thursday, so we'll try to get some trick or treating in after dance class. I heard through the grapevine that it's actually supposed to rain, so maybe we'll just stop by the store and get our favorite candy bar and go home and eat it. We'll see.


Sarah's 5-Ingredient Stew I didn't end up making this from last week either. It was just Cora and me last weekend, so I didn't bother.

Pumpkin spice pancakes and bacon. I love pumpkin in the fall. I made a big 'o batch of pumpkin pie oatmeal the other day (which my kids didn't appreciate) and I've been eating on it every morning with some walnuts and a little real maple syrup or my mama's fig preserves on top. mmm mmm! Makes me feel all warm inside. {sigh} It was super awesome eating the warm oatmeal last week when there was a little chill in the air. Today, it was only half as awesome, because it felt like a warm spring day out. Oh well, I'm thankful for the few pretty fall days we had. Hopefully we'll have some more.

Well, that's it for me. So, what's on your table this week? Pretty please share in the comments. :) Hope you have a beautiful day.
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