Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gathered, Given, Good

Today is easy, because the other night my sweet and extremely talented friend invited us for lunch after church today. I asked what I could bring and she suggested dessert. I made a yummy Apple Pound Cake which I topped with caramel. What is not better with a little caramel, huh? I attempted this cake several weeks ago, and I guess I didn't test the doneness good enough, because it went everywhere when I flipped it on the cooling rack. This time was wonderful though. :) She made a pork roast with potatoes and carrots, and it was dEElicious! I am thankful for the time of gathering at my friend's home and the fellowship which ensued. I am thankful the cake came out of the pan whole this time, and I was able to share some with my sweet friend. And I'm thankful too that everything was so good...the food, the kids, and especially the fellowship. God is good.


  1. Hey Christy! What a treat to find your beautiful blog through your link to Apple Pound Cake! Thanks for the link love and for creating a lovely corder of the net :)
    P.S. you have a gorgemous name ;)


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