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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

500 and a project

Before I get too far along in this post, I wanted to do a little celebrating of sorts. This is our 500th post! I know it should be a lot more, but hey, let's celebrate the small things. :)

So to celebrate, how about some fro yo! I found some of our favorite yogurt on sale yesterday at my neighborhood Kroger store. (Wish I received compensation for that mention, but I don't.)

Don't ya just love a good deal!?

So, in order not to waste the yogurt and eat it before it expired in the next couple of days, I made some fro yo at home! :) The kids were delighted!

They loved the frozen treat yesterday afternoon, so I made some more this morning. We'll have one of these yummy treats after lunch! Cora just saw the pictures and said, "Ooooh, that looks yummy!" These little frozen treat molds have been the best investment. I don't remember how much they were, but I think I got them on sale at Target last year for pretty cheap. This summer we have made some delicious blueberry pops, watermelon pops, and now, these awesome frozen yogurt pops! YUM-O!

And now, for the reveal of the fantastic-deal-frame I referenced here.

I painted it a pretty shade of blue by mixing some craft paint that came in a big box of crafty stuff from my sweet MIL. Then, I added a back and was going to fill it in with wine corks to make a cool cork board. But, when I painted the backing, it started to peel. So, I punted on that idea, and did this instead...

I had some chalkboard paint from a project I did last year or the year before, so I measured the spot on my pantry door and taped it off with painter's tape. I had to use about 4 coats of chalkboard paint before it covered it really well. I'm sure I probably should have prepped the door somehow before I got started, but I'm not very patient, and I didn't have the time or patience to research it, so 4 coats isn't bad. It dried very quickly.

I plan on adding something else to the bottom of the door and putting something on the back of the door as well. I'll update you when it happens. I've wanted to do an organization station on this pantry door for years. I don't know what took me so long. I'm motivated to do some more things around the house, and I'm hoping to make it reflect a little more of me and our family.

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!
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