Friday, April 20, 2012

A few of my favorite things

...crab cakes, a good movie, times all of my children are getting along, a belly laugh, pants that begin to fit a little bit looser, rain on a metal roof, beach scented air, a good-fitting pair of sunglasses, cilantro, lime, fish tacos, the perfect tint of lip stick or gloss, a great straw hat, porch swings, eating al fresco, pretty wind chimes, snuggles from my kiddos, an "I love you" from a child, organized drawers and closets, clutter-free spaces, a good work-out, aprons, island kitchens, comfy bar stools, flip flops, smooth glass of wine, pedicures, rattan, dip in the pool, hammocks, magazines, photo albums, waterfalls, Pottery Barn catalogs, popcorn, soup, family and friends, jacuzzi tubs, eye brow waxes, giner peach tea, tostadas, a good book read deep into the night, the smell of Tropicana suntan lotion, a scripture that seems new even though I've read it 100 times before, seeing my husband pull in the driveway, dreaming about the future, no debt, grace...

It's getting late, and my brain is shutting down. There is more to come. Won't you share some of your favorites too?

Have a beautiful weekend.


  1. being surrounded by my family, a surprise note/card in the mail, chocolate, brie, a margarita, eating in our sunroom, a pretty sunrise or sunset, my feet in the sand, gardening, being called momma, holding hands with my husband, girl nights, close friends, long walks, feeling productive...and more

  2. Great list! I'd add clean sheets, fresh strawberries, the perfect dress, cuddly babies... And I'd reiterate a sense of grace. :)


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