Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cora!

Yesterday (I started this post on Monday. One of these days I'll finish a post the same day I start it!)Sunday, March 27, our little fireball turned 2! Holy moly, how did that happen?!? I can. not. believe. it! I rolled in from our annual church ladies retreat around 1:30, hugged all the kiddos, chatted with my number one fan, and got going on getting ready for her little birthday party...dinner and cake with the fam. We had a good time! She is so adorable. After finding the cah-uest ladybug pillowcase dress, I went with a ladybug theme for her cake. My sweet friend, Melissa made it, and it was deelish! I also asked her to make some cookies for Cora's class. The kids thought they were great! Here are some photos to show off our little birthday cutie!

Birthday Hugs and Thank Yous!

Cute little ladybug decor

Loves to do her trick in her new tutu!

Adores her Aunt Paula!

Wearing the birthday crown at school!


  1. Love it! I can't believe how much hair she's got. Olivia's is just now coming in and it's slow going at that. It does look like she's going to get curls like Jack. My duo turn two in July. I don't understand how that happened either. I'm not a fan of how fast this is all going.
    Happy birthday Cora and congrats to you, too!


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