Friday, August 27, 2010

Luke's art work

Yesterday as I was going through Luke's folder from school, I came across a picture that he drew.

As I studied it for a second I smiled. I knew what he had drawn, but I wanted to hear what he had to say about it, so I said, "Luke, tell me about your picture." He proceeded to tell me it was a drawing of our family, and that Emma was at the top in Heaven on the streets of gold. I told him how sweet it was for him to include Emma in his picture and he said, as he looked at me as if I had two heads, "well, she is part of our family." He is so matter-of-fact! I reiterated how smart I thought he was, and we moved on.

But I didn't move very far in my mind. I guess with each new year, new start to school, new holiday, new trip, new anything, I will always think of Emma and how much I miss her here. This morning Luke and Cora and I went for a walk. The air was less humid, and there was a cool breeze blowing. It was a beautiful morning. As Luke road ahead on his bike, and I pushed Cora in the jogging stroller I began to think of what Emma would do. Would she want to ride her bike too? Would she still have training wheels, or would she prefer to ride in the double jogger with her baby sister by her side? I pray one day I will get a glimpse of what she's like in Heaven. Until then, I will wonder...


  1. What a great picture!! I love it!! Sweet boy!!

  2. Sweet boy! You are blessed to have that sweet boy!!!!

  3. Precious picture! What a sweet boy! Hugs!!!

  4. These are eternal questions, their presence necessary and an essential link with your beautiful little girl.

    Thinking of you and little Emma so often, Christy! We love you!



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